Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa

So, first of all, Luna Rossa charges €1 for delivery. I don’t like places that charge for delivery. What’s the deal? Don’t you get enough delivery orders to actually make it worth your while? Or do stupid people (a.k.a. me, who has to basically eat at every pizza place to rate them) keep on ordering there, so they think it’s normal to have delivery costs?

Anyway, -1 point, for charging €1 for delivering my food.

Next up: how do we pay for this?
If I use iDeal (iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking, according to Wikipedia), I have to pay €0.25 for administrative costs. If i use PayPal, it’s only €0.24. If it’s cash, then no administrative costs are charged. I only have a €10.00 bill on me, and I don’t like to get money in exchange from the delivery driver. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t.
So, what do I do. pay €0.24 and pay with PayPal, or give the delivery driver €10.00 (while the pizza is €7.00, plus €1.00 delivery costs making it a total of €8.00) or do I pay with PayPal and give the guy a €1.00 tip.
After all, I also have to pay for the delivery… Ahhh, it’s a tough choice to make.

Argh, Ok. So here is my opinion. The pizza delivery dude probably didn’t have a say in whether to have delivery costs or not, so, let’s not fuck him over, and just give him €2.00 tip.
We are going to pay cash, with €10.00.

Geez, look at all this text, and we haven’t even ordered yet. I’m hoping the next thing you will see will be what I experience when I take the first bite.

Alright, so here it is. Looks nice! I took a pineapple piece, and it’s kinda hard-ish, and not really sweet like I’m used to, with pineapple. The ham is in nice pieces and looks like it’s really gonna taste good. I’m excited to try it out!
The ham tastes good! I also like the sauce, if you lick just the sauce, you can taste little pieces of the tomato, good!
The pineapple tho… I kind of like the pizza more without the pineapple, which is strange.

The pizza is pretty good, it’s just that the pineapple is too… hard? and weird tasting, Not a big fan.

Alright, that was it. I enjoyed the pizza, when it didn’t have a pineapple piece on it. Kinda odd, to have a pizza Hawaii that only tastes good if the Hawaii piece is gone.

Rating: 3.0/5




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