Another day, another pizza.

But I hear you thinking… ‘Hey, this pizza place wasn’t on the list, whats up with that?!?’
Well, you are correct! It wasn’t. See, the thing is, I was with some friends, in a land far far away, and behold, they had pizza Hawaii there, so let’s try it, no? (Geez, that’s a lot of comma’s in one sentence. Should probably work on that.)
Anyway, the logo is white so I had to put a black background. Not sure how this is going to work out, on the other hand, who really cares?
So! Back to the issue at hand. How was the pizza?!

I must say, pretty good! The pizza bottom was actually crunchy! This might be the first one that is crunchy, I hope this new trend will go on.

So, checklist:
✔ Crunchy bottom
✔ Sweet pineapple
✔ Nice looking ham pieces
✔ Good tasting ham pieces
✘ Saus was a little bland
✘ Wasn’t pre-cut, so you have to waste time to cut it, instead of eating it
✘ Pineapple pieces were pretty big and from time to time a little hard, like you’re eating the core instead of the juicy fruit.

So yeah, what can I say? Other then ‘it was fine’ I’m not sure what I can say. It wasn’t exceptional. It wasn’t bad. It was better than mediocre.
I’ll give it a 3.8. Yeah, a 3.8 sounds about right.

Rating: 3.8/5

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