Bella Italia

Bella Italia

Bella Italia! Or, when translated: Beautiful Italy.
Just ordered, not much else to say, honestly. Sooo… yeah. It’s hot here today, so I thought about getting some ice cream from them as well, but I was hoping they had these Ben&Jerry’s ice cream cup thingy’s.

They didn’t have it. Anticlimax right there.
They did have other ice cream, but I’m not sure that it would survive the ride here, and if it did survive, what I could expect. So I didn’t order it. I’ve got ice cream in the fridge at home, so would be kind of pointless as well.

Alright! Pizza time. The box looks… wait, I’ve seen this box before, it’s the same as the box from Luna Rossa. Well, I guess there is only so many designs that a pizza box can have.

Not sure about the way the pizza looks, it looks like it needs a few more minutes in the oven? It’s hot tho, so it probably doesn’t need more minutes in the oven.
The smell is amazing, but that might also be because it’s 8 o’clock. I’m hungry.
Also! They didn’t cut the pizza. Hmm, I think this is the first one where I have to use a pizza cutter.
Of course the cutter is in the kitchen, now I have to walk. This is a hard life I’m living.

Pineapple is juicy sweet, Not a lot of ham, but might be just about right. The… green things they throw over the pizza is kinda strong. I don’t really like it, all I can taste is strong, unidentifiable taste. Good thing most of the pieces don’t have much green stuff on it.
Overall it’s good, there is just not a lot of sauce on it. Pizza is crunchy, by the way. If anyone wonders. I like.

Yeah, so that was enough to make me feel full. Not sure what else to say, giving it a 3.5.

Rating: 3.5/5

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