New York Pizza 2.0 – leftover pizza

New York Pizza 2.0 – leftover pizza

So there I was, looking at a cold pizza. The pizza from the day before. ‘Now what?’ I asked myself, and before I could think any further, Google popped in my head.
Without wasting a second (okay, maybe a few) I looked up how to heat up a cold leftover pizza. First hits were something like just put it in the microwave, or put it in the oven.

I wasn’t convinced. I looked further, till a YouTube video showed, telling me to put it in a pan, and warm it up, just like it would be regular food. ‘All right, why not’ <– me, thinking.

Put it in a pan and heat it up for 4 to 5 minutes, the dude in the video said. I put 4:44 on the timer waited till it was done, put it on a plate, take a seat and took a bite….

Oh My World. This is good! I might have put it in the pan a little bit too long, because the bottom is reallllly crunchy. But the taste is fenomenal. I might even like this better than the pizza that it was yesterday. I think next time I’ll order a pizza, I’ll put it in the fridge for a night and after that cook it up in a pan.

It’s good!

I’m not gonna rate it tho, and I didn’t take any pictures. You’re just gonna have to do without it, today. Hope you can handle that. If not, tough luck buddy.

Smell ya later.

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