Powerfull Pizza

Powerfull Pizza

Yep, that’s how they write it. Powerfull. That’s wrong. It should be Powerful. Maybe it’s sooooooo Powerful that they need two l’s, to contain the power? Yeah, that should be it.
They do a lot of things wrong, so it seems. Look at the name of this thing. 

For all you English people out there, underneath it says: Tomato, cheese, ham and pineapple.
This confuses me, but all right. Let’s see what we’re going to get when we order this thing.
Oh, right. This is one of those places where you have to pay a buck to get them to deliver it for you. Hate it already. This might influence the rating of the pizza. I’m hungry too, this better be good.

Well, the box sure looks familiar, gheh. I guess I need to keep track of all the different boxes I got, Why not.

It smells nice! Maybe because I’m hungry. Let’s eat!
It’s not too hot, the pineapple really doesn’t taste sweet and juicy, tastes funny. Not bad, just… funny. The ham tastes nice, and the sauce… well, there really isn’t much of that on there, but I guess it’s okay. All in all, it’s meh. Not good, not great, not mediocre. Would not eat again. This pineapple is weird.

I’m hungry so I’ll eat all of it, of course. But wouldn’t eat there again.

So, I actually got rid of most of the pineapple pieces, it really doesn’t taste good. Yuk. Me thinks this is going to be the worst score in the history of PineappleOnMy.Pizza

0.6, because that’s what it gave when I clicked the first star somewhere in the middle.

Rating: 0.6/5


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