Luigi Pizza Service

Luigi Pizza Service

I’m typing this from memory, because I ate this pizza yesterday. So it won’t be a long review. But it’ll be a goooood one.

Although the logo of the place says Luigi Pizzeria, the website says it’s called Luigi Pizza Service. I did some research, and it turns out it is Luigi Pizza Service. Weird to have a different name on the logo than the actual place.
Also, this is the logo on their website:

I dunno man, looks weird.

Anyway! Back to the issue at hand, the pizza!

It looks pretty damn good, Even when I look back at the pictures. Makes me hungry. I’d better eat something soon!
Thing that I noticed, quite early, the pineapple pieces are big! These are no pineapple pieces that come from your local supermarket can

Taste test:

pineapple: Gooooooodddd!!!
ham: Gooooooodddd!
sauce: Goood! (Although it kinda tastes like the tomato paste you can but at the supermarket. Still good tho!)

So yeah, without a doubt, this was the best pizza I’ve eaten in a while. This thing was amazing. Best one so far!

Rating: 4.5/5

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