Wow, ordering a pizza was hard today. I strolled down the list of pizza places, and most of them had a thing where you have to spend a minimum of €15 before they come deliver it to you. Others are charging €1.50 to deliver. How about no.
Then I spotted one that had €8 minimum order amount, and the pizza Hawaii was €8. Perfect!
Click on it, make it go to the basket and, behold:

Alright, guess I’ll search for some other place…

So, we got to Rodos. But will you look at this:

Like seriously, you’re going to charge me for a plastic bag? This bag better be nice.

Alright, I guess that’s fine. I’m hungry. Get that damn pizza here. Also, no tip for you, this is outrageous! (Ok, €0.15 tip, so I’ll pay €8 in cash. That’s the cheapest way, paying online costs €0.25)

I’ve already rated the pizza 4 stars, charging me for a plastic bag? Get outta here. -1 points. It can only go down from here, maybe it will stay at 4 stars, if the pizza is reallllly goood. Wich it can be, Rodos is a Greek island, and the creator of the pizza Hawaii is Greek-Canadian.

So, it’s here! Doesn’t really look appealing… Also, there is no plastic bag. I feel scammed here. Anyway, let’s do the taste test.

Alright, it’s meh. Also, it’s not hot. Like it’s not really warm. It’s like this came out of the oven 40 minutes ago. Not going to order here again, No sir. I… I don’t even know what to rate this. I’ll give it like a 1 point something. I mean, it tastes okay, nice dough, nice ham, nice sauce, pineapple is OK. But still, it annoys me they charged me for a plastic bag that wasn’t even there, and the fact that it isn’t hotter.

Yeah, do not recommend.

Rating: 1.2/5

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