Mamma Rosa

Mamma Rosa

Howdy peeps,

Today, were going to get some fresh (well, at least I hope it’s fresh) pizza Hawaii from Mamma Rosa.

Last time I tried to get some pizza from them, but they have minimum order amount of  €15.
So, what did we do, order 2 pizza Hawaii? No! But we did order 2 pizza’s! You see, normally I order pizza when the missus is not at home, but today, she is at home! So let’s take the opportunity to get some pizza from a place where you need to order more than 1 pizza! Sounds like a plan.
So, now we wait. I got a push message from thuisbezorgd, saying it will be delivered in 50 minutes… FIFTY! That’s quite a lot. They do have to go pretty far tho, 4.6 k/m. That’s about 2.85830748 miles.

Pizza! Box looks fun! Don’t think I’ve had this box before. First taste test:
OMNOMNOM, this is nice! Pineapple tastes hella sweet, and the ham is nice too!
First bite: Mehhhh… the sauce is kind of bland, I guess? it looks soooooo good tho, I’ll take another piece and check if it’s still bland-ish.

Yep, still bland. That’s too bad! It looked so good, and first taste test was awesome as well. What a pity.
Ah well, can’t get it all, I guess.

Alright, let’s sum it all up:

  • Pizza had a good amount of hotness
  • Pineapple was supergood. The size of the pieces were good.
  • Ham was tasty.
  • Good logo
  • Bland sauce
  • Crust was meh. To be honest, worse then meh.

So yeah, I’m not sure. It could be really good, but sadly it wasn’t. I’ll give it a three dot something.

P.s. the missus tells me her pizza was good, not awesome, but good. Richly decorated with a lot of veggies.

Rating: 3.2/5



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