Pizza Padrone

Pizza Padrone

Good evening, pizza lovers!
It has been a while since the last pizza has been eaten. Why, you ask? I don’t know, I answer. It’s just one of those things. But today, today is a good day, for another pizza Hawaii shall be devoured. Today the pizza place of choice is Pizza Padrone. I don’t know what Padrone means, so I looked it up. Turns out it means ‘master’ or ‘lord’. All right, let’s see if this pizza master can make a good pizza Hawaii!

While we wait for the pizzaguy/gal to show up, this is the music I listened to today: Rammstein – Live in Paris. Not sure why you need to know this, but meh. There you have it. Let’s wait!

So, first things first, this pizza isn’t pre-cut! I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like that. What’s up with that? Do they have to hire somebody to cut the pizza? Is it like a 40-hour job? Do they have hand-less employees, or are all the people who work there lefties, and is there no such thing as a pizza cutter for lefties? Well, guess what? Looked it up, totally exists: Left handed pizza cutter.
Anyway, minus 1 points for making me cut my own pizza.

Back to the pizza tho.
The box looks familiar, I really should keep track of those things. Maybe some day…
When I first opened the box, halleluja, that pizza looks good (although not pre-cut) and smells delicious!

First, we take a pineapple piece from the pizza and taste test it; Oh, the sweetness is so good. It’s nice and juicy. If this was a pineapple test, it would get a 4.7-ish. Very good.

Next up, ham! It tastes so nice! Maybe it has been too long since I last ate a pizza Hawaii and everything tastes good? I mean, I don’t think so, I’ve gone longer than a few weeks of not eating pizza. Anyway, back to the pizza at hand.

First bite: It’s pretty alright! I wouldn’t say it’s the pizza of a master, but it is definitely a good pizza. Could do with a little more crunch, and just a little more taste overall. Too bad it wasn’t cut. It would have gotten a pretty good rating.

Rating: 3.0/5

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