Papa John’s

Papa John’s


Alright, I’m excited for this one! Papa John’s is new in town, and I only had pizza from them once. I must say, it was pretty good. However! I was moving at the time, so it might just be that it was so awesomely good because I was really, really hungry.
Today is the day we find out!

Sooo, since they are new, I’m expecting them to be amazing at everything, on the site it says the delivery time is less than 30 mins. I’m OK with them saying they deliver faster than half an hour, but if they don’t keep the promise, they are gonna have a bad time on this site, don’t think you can just go and be telling me lies from the get go!

So yeah, let’s wait!

(oh, p.s. I totally ate pizza last week, but ordered at NYP, so I didn’t rate them. Already did that twice, not going to need to do it a third time. Just so you know, very important information)

Alright alright alright, well. I think I liked it better the first time. Must be the hard work that I did before the pizza came in. This time… It was alright, not good, not bad, just… alright. Wich is a pity, really. The pineapple pieces were fresh, like it was just cut from an actual pineapple, not lying in a sealed can for months.

Next up, the ham. Wasn’t much on there to be honest, and if it was, it didn’t really tickle my taste buds. Shame. There are only really 2 ingredients on there (pineapple and ham, for whoever is wondering), if one of them is bland, you’re missing out on 50% of taste!

Oh yeah, before I forget, they also delivered pretty fast! Well within the 30 minutes. That’s good, promise not broken. (thanks for reminding me, qty)

Also! What’s up with the crust. It felt like, stale, I guess. Not crunchy, pretty tough to chew trough, overall, not very good dough. A bite from the pizza was good tho, but a pizza without the crust, just isn’t a pizza.

Overal… I still enjoyed it, just not as much as it would like to have enjoyed it. I don’t think this can get higher than a 3. So, 3 it is.

Farewell me matey’s

Rating: 3.0/5

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