La Capana

La Capana

Ahhh, it always makes me happy, knowing pizza is coming my way.
Today it’s a typical autumn day, lot’s and lot’s o rain, hard wind, cold. I’m sitting here with a nice cup of tea, and thinking about how I’m so glad I don’t have to go out today.

It’s kind of sad that the delivery guy have to out in this weather, just look at these clouds:

You can hardly see the outline of the country

Anyway’s, so maybe, just maybe. Some money will do the delivery dude/dudette good. So I’m being royal today, and giving a 26% tip. Hmm. when I type it out in percentages it doesn’t look that much. Ah well, not gonna make it more tho.

So yeah, I like this weather! Only thing I’m missing is some thunder and lightning.

Oh, also. This pizza costs €9.50 and it is a wooping 32cm large. For reference; NYP has a 25cm pizza for €9.99 and 30cm pizza for €12.74 (what a weird number). This is a lot more pizza for your buck, more pizza = more better.
Now let’s just hope that it tastes good.

Pizza time!
The delivery dude was soaked! Kinda like this:

I’m sorry delivery dude I just really wanted pizza

So, back to the pizza at hand… I like it! Except… for the crust, it’s like, old? It tastes like it has been out in the open too long.
I really gotta work for it, chewing this is hard work, It’s a saturday evening! I don’t want to work.

Yeah, the crust is hard to chew through, it doesn’t affect the taste much, or at all, I much say. But it is annoying me that it is so tough. I don’t like that.

But! Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say it is because of the rain (no wait, that doesn’t make any sense).
No, I’m going to cut some points from the pizza for this. Not just 1, I’m thinking like 1.5 minimum.

All right, finished it! My mouth needs a breather, no more talking tonight. Haha, no it’s not that bad, but it was tough love, really had to chew a lot to get in through it. Ah well.

Pizza was nice, pineapple was pretty good, ham tastes delightful, only thing wrong with it, was the dough. Unfortunately, dough kind of makes up 50% of the pizza. So if that’s not good, you can ruin the whole thing. It wasn’t ruined, but it definitely wasn’t fine either. So yeah, pizza with good crust would be like a 4.6, however… Minus the 1.5 for the crust, 3.1 for you, my friend.

Rating: 3.1/5

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