Perla Di Roma

Perla Di Roma

Hey There! Here we are again! How fun.

Today, we eat a mighty fine pizza from Perla Di Roma! What does it mean, you say? Well, perla means pearl. I guess you can figure the rest out yourself.

Not much going on here, because I already ordered the pizza while at work, and asked them to deliver 2 hours later, when I got home. Soooo, not much left, but to the pizza!

Alright, delivery dude was pretty right on time, asked them to be here at 18:00 and he was at 18:03. That’s alright in my book.

First things first, the box! Look familiar, let’s move on.
Next up, it looks pretty! I think this deserves the best looking pizza award.
Alright, taste test! Or…. nope, guess not. Gotta cut it first… damn you, pearl of rome. -1 right there.
Fine, even more hungry now, gotta taste test! (Also, do you think maybe they don’t cut the pizza on purpose, so that you can see the pizza and get real excited while cutting it? It might be a tactic that I, a normal law abiding citizen, may not be aware off. Something to think about) 

Pineapple tastes nice! Obviously from a can, but that’s fine. It’s nice & juicy & sweet.
Ham is pretty… hammy? I’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, it tastes really nice tho.
Sauce… couldn’t quite get to the sauce. It was kind of covered with cheese or it was crusty-ish.
All in all it was nice! taking a bite was pretty nice and it tasted pretty good.

Gotta say, it’s not really warm. Well, it’s warm, but not hot. from time to time even a little bit too cold, what is a shame. Should have been hotter. I do realize it’s like 12 degrees outside, but still. It’s less than a 5 minute drive to get the pizza’s out of the oven and into my mouth. They should be able to keep it warm, in them fancy scooter basket square pizza box things.

Also: the crust is crunchy, and a bit tough at the same time. Weird.

So yeah, all in all. I think we have a solid 3.4 here. Yeah, let’s give this a 3.4 Don’t make me cut my own pizza, damn you.

Rating: 3.4/5

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