Piom Bino

Piom Bino

Well, guess who’s back! Third time in a row on a Friday, I see a trend!
Today the chosen one is Piom Bino! Let’s take a look what this might mean, I certainly don’t have a clue.
Well…. it means Piom Bino. Probably just a name then, I guess. Not all silly names have meaning, so it seems.

So… what to write about then? WELL! I tell you, will you look at this:

Yes, you see that right, the Pizza Hawaii is a popular dish. How awesome is that. I don’t think this ever happened. It certainly gives me high hope for how it tastes, almost can’t wait. Bring me the pizza! NOW!

Well. that didn’t work, the pizza isn’t here yet, so we wait.

Wooo pizza! This is a big one, and look at the pineapple on it! Or, pineappel, as stated in the screenshot above.

Too bad they didn’t cut it, I have to be consistent at this point, -1 point. You know why I don’t like to cut my pizza myself? The whole idea about getting it delivered at home is that you don’t have to do anything. Just sit on the couch, get your phone, open the app, order a pizza, pay online, and, if you’re unlucky, stand up once to open the door and give the dude a tip. That’s all I want to do when I order food online. And now, here it is, this pizza, not cut, making me work when I didn’t want to work. Such a pity. (wow, lot of comma’s in this part)

The pineapple is fresh from the can, but its juicy, so that’s not a big deal. And look how much! Me likey.
The ham is not that special, kinda bland, maybe. The saus also isn’t that special, however! Put them all together and you get something that is pretty decent. Not half bad, I would say. Not that good, but yeah, it’s okay-ish.

This won’t make it in the top 5 though. Maybe, in a while, not even in the top 10.

Let’s take a second to think about what number we would like to give this.

I’d say a 3.1 is that weird? Nahhh, I think that might be it. Yeah, just checked the other reviews, I find that a 3.1 is a good number for this pizza.

Rating: 3.1/5

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