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Month: December 2017

Pizzeria Nieuw West

Pizzeria Nieuw West


Here we go again! New Friday, new pizza! Oh the joy.

So here is the thing tho, I ordered the pizza at 17:19, while still at work, and wanted to have it deliver around 18:35.
I have to bike around 30/35 minutes to get home, so that gives me enough time to get there, right? WRONG.
I’m not sure what happened, but I had to rush rush rush, biking over pedestrians, ignoring red lights, taking shortcuts, en sweat my ass of.

But, it was worth it. I arrived home at 18:29-ish. Wooohooo! Or so I thought.

As time went by, and by, and no pizza was delivered, thoughts entered my brain… Was I too late? No, surely they would have called if nobody answered the door? Right…? Right?

So alright, at 19:00-ish we called the pizza place:

me: Howdy, I was supposed to get a pizza delivered about 30 mins ago
pizza dude: yeah, I know. Pizza vegetariana and pizza Hawaii, right?
me: Yes! (wait, how did he know that… scary.)
pizza dude: yeah, its just out of the oven, it will come your way in a few minutes.
me: Alright! Awesome, thanks a lot!

So, now we wait! Ohhh I’m hungry! It better come fast

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