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Month: January 2018

Napoli Pizza

Napoli Pizza

WOW! It has been a while!
How much of a while? Well, I did the math, it’s 50 days. FIFTY!
To be honest I did eat pizza in the 50 days, but I just didn’t put them on here because it was from NYP, and we already got a review for that one!

So, time for pizza, time for a new review, time for Napoli Pizza!
I don’t know why but it sounds like fun in my head, Napoli Pizza.

Oh, also! I read an article that thuisbezorgd (the site that I use to see what kind of pizza places are near me) is totally ripping the restaurants off.
Well, maybe not really ripping them off, but each year the restaurants have to pay more and more per order that they get from thuisbezorgd. Right now the restaurants pay 12% of the money they get from an order. That’s massive!

Today’s order is €26.15. If we would order this via thuisbezorgd, they would earn €3.14 (π) for simply listing the restaurant, and have the servers up and running. No more, I tell you! No more!

New tactic: I look at thuisbezorgd to see what restaurant there is and where I’m going to order. Afterwards I visit the site of the restaurant and order directly from them. BOOM, I just helped them get €26.15 in stead of €23.01. I feel like a superhero.

So, this is quite a long story, while I was typing it, the pizza-dude already rang the doorbell.  Sooooo, next up! Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa 

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