Il Ponte

Il Ponte

Howdy! What a few months it have been! It has been 3 months! That’s long, too long… Me so sorry.

BUT! Main thing is, we’re back! And how! Well, not very good, I must say.
You see, you would think I would have a killer pizza after all this time, but no. Truth is, I was at work, and ordered a pizza pretty fast and after that went home to be there if the pizza arrives. Well, that worked out pretty well. I was at home, after 15 mins or so the pizza dude came with the pizza, I took a pic of the box, opened it up and… WTF is this.

Where is the HAM, yo?!?

Yeah, so there you have it. No ham… this was a disappointment. I’m not even sure if they can call this a Pizza Hawaï. I’m gonna go and do some research, BRB.
Well, did some research, and here you go:

Hawaiian pizza (also known as Pizza Hawaii) is a pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, and back bacon or ham.

This stuff above is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is always right. Well okay, not always but for this I think they are right, so giving that evidence.. technically this pizza isn’t even a pizza Hawaii (Yes, I realize I’m using Hawaii and Hawaï). I feel scammed.

It’s a pity too, the pineapple is really good, and there is lots o’ cheese, and I like it. But not putting on ham… that is unforgivable. You, Il Ponto, are the worst, with this abomination you call a Pizza Hawaï. Yuck.

Rating: 0.3/5

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