Pizzeria Michelangelo

Pizzeria Michelangelo

Why hello there!
Look at this fine day, isn’t it fine? It sure is! Oh so fine.

So, on this fine day, we’re gonna get us some…. *drumroll*…. PIZZA! (what a surprise eh?)
The missus always wants a vegetarian pizza, I’m okay with that, especially because she puts pineapple on her veggie pizza whenever it is possible. What a marvelous world we live in.
So, off to search for a pizza place that has a veggie pizza and the glorious pizza Hawaii.

First up: Pizza Express Donna. Let’s see… yes, pizza Hawaii is present. Now let’s see what kinda veggie pizza’s they have (if any).
Well, this is odd. I mean, they do have a veggie pizza, but the ingredients are just… veggie pizza.

(the ‘choice of’ list indicates stuff you can put on your pizza as an extra (for more money, of course))
Alright, so I guess this isn’t gonna be the pizzeria for today. I need to know what’s on it, man! Where’s the ingredients man! How can you do this! HOOWWWWW?!?!

So yeah, next up, ‘Il Re di Puglia’. Let’s first see what the hell this means: ‘The King of Puglia’. Well, that is a bold statement. Is Puglia a town or something? What is this place the king of? INVESTIGATION START!

So, the part in red is Puglia. It’s a pretty big part of Italy to be the king of. 

Alright, let’s try this King pizza stuff. Well… maybe not, wtf is ‘Pizze’:

Yeah no, let’s not eat at a place that can’t even spell Pizza right. Also, they don’t have pizza Hawaii.

So, third time is the charm, right….? RIGHT?

Here is… Pizzeria Michelangelo!!!!

So. pizzeria Michelangelo! Never heard of this one before, and it is on my way to work. I’ll check it out tomorrow to see what it’s like, but for now let’s taste!

Well… before we taste, first let’s cut the damn pizza, eh? Damn you people who work in pizza places! Damn you! CUT MY PIZZA, WILL YOU. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS EXTRA WORK?!?
Maybe it’s because they don’t know if I want it in 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 pieces? Well, let me tell them for once and for all: I DON’T CARE! JUST CUT THE DAMN PIZZA. CUT ITTTTTTTTT.
-1 point, right there.

So alright, taste test!
Well, I’m not sure what to say. It’s kinda bland, not a lot of taste. And there is not much sauce on here as well. Well this is kind of a pity. I’m not feeling it. Pineapple is meh. Ham is alright. Sauce is meh. Cheese is not really there a lot so yeah. No, I’m not feeling it. I also don’t want to write anymore about it. Because meh. MEH I tell you. MEH.

Rating: 0.8/5

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