How is everyone? Been a while…
I start with that a lot… been a while… Maybe i should eat more pizza eh? Yeah, probably. That’s probably for the best. More pizza, more better.

So anyway, guess what date it is!? Well you probably know, but it’s the 28th! Do you know what is special about the 28th of June? NOTHING, that’s what special.

Do you know what is a special day? The 27th of June. You see, the 27th of June is pineapple day. I shit you not. It’s pineapple day. And, I missed it, go figure. Maybe I’ll remember next year. who knows who knows.

So, pizza! Let’s get me some pizza!

Wow, it’s always such a challenge to get pizza. Most of them got a minimum order amount or delivery costs that are half the price of the order itself. But, we got one! Come on in Pizza Boy!
Well, have to order at least €15 in main dishes before they come and bring it to you. I tried to get a Ben & Jerry’s so it will be more than €15, but it didn’t let me. So.. of to find a new one! Fuck you, pizza boy!

Alright, the search ended. It ended at Valentino! Let’s see how much love (from like valentine, you know) they will put on this pizza.

So now we wait. I hope he comes soon, I’m hungry. I’ve been trying to get a pizza place for 30 minutes… that’s bananas. But while we wait, let’s talk! Or write, since I’m not really talking to this thing. I mean with the technology of today I bet I could, but I won’t. So yeah.

New season of The 100 is almost finished airing on Netflix, and boy, do I like it. It starts out as a teenage romcom, but it turns pretty hard pretty fast. Kinda like The Maze Runner.
I saw the first movie and was like okay, an adventure movie for teens with a few big bugs in the maze, that’s alright.
Then second movie: Holy shit zombies everywhere in a desolate earth where everything is gone.

That was also my experience with The 100. Well, kinda. There are no zombies, for now at least but what looks to be all fun and games, turns out to be a survival of the fittest.

So yeah, so much for this commercial. I guess I’ll wait for the pizza to come.
Geez, this waiting takes long than expected… The food tracker says it’ll be here in 38 minutes… I’m hungry dammit! GET ME MY PIZZA! This Valentino better be good!

Well, that was faster than expected, so that was nice! What wasn’t so nice is the fact that it wasn’t cut. Bummer. I don’t like cutting my own pizza! Also, while cutting, it came to my attention that the crust was really really hard, almost broke a tooth I tell ya!

Also, next unpleasant surprise: the camera on my phone is busted up or something, so no pic’s. It acts up every now and then, usually when it’s cold or hot. And right now, it’s hot! So hot… almost melting…

Anyway, back to the pizza. It’s such a shame they didn’t cut it, because the pineapple was amazing, and the ham as well. But yeah, not cut, and hard crust… nope, you’re not gonna make it far.

Rating: 2.4/5

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