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Month: October 2018

Pizza’Dam Zuid

Pizza’Dam Zuid

Woooo! Welcome back! 

It’s been a while. And then I mean a while! Last post was…. 28th of June! Almost 4 months ago… Wow. I’m sorry! I’ll do better, I promise! Next one won’t be after 4 months, maybe 3 or 3.5 months. Hehehe.

Anywayyyyy, I’m back, and guess who else is back? AUTUMN! It’s finally autumn… Gosh how I missed you. This summer has been going on wayyyy to long. Don’t get me wrong tho. I like it to be nice outside as well as the next guy, but this summer was just too damn long. I’m going to check if there is a site out there that shows just how many days it has been sunny… brb.

…and you know it

Alright, so there is this website and it shows stuff, like… a lot of stuff.
But, there was one graphic thingy that I found interesting. The number of days it was over 20°C from May to September is 113. 113! There is only 153 days in that period. 40 of those days where below 20°C. Ridiculous.

But, here we are… rain, storm, darkness.. ah yes, the good life finally comes along. Can’t wait for the days I can just sit in my warm and cozy onesie and read a good book with a nice cup of tea while listening to the rain clatter on my window… Ah yes, I like. 

I almost forgot I’m here for pizza. Let’s find a pizza place.. be right back!
Back! It’s gonna be Pizza’Dam Zuid. Wich is nice, because Amsterdam can be referred to as a’dam. This place combines pizza and Amsterdam. It’s nice! They are hella expensive tho… €10.25 for a 25cm pizza… No grown man eats a 25cm pizza, so 30cm it is, for…. €13.25! That’s not cheap, like not at all. They better be good, I’m gonna scream at them if they mess it up. Also, no tip for you mister! Well okay, maybe like 1 euro. Alright, 1.75 you get. That’s decent right? More than 10%… Ehhh, I don’t really know about tipping etiquette for the pizzaboy. 

Anyway, so yeah. We’re gonna wait now. Wait for the pizza, snap a few pics and eat! I’m gonna watch some movie or show or something, Not sure yet. 

Okay, wow. This was something else. Like really… This was massively good. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat pizza other than NYP for a while, but this, well worth the money! Perfect pineapple, awesome ham, and the mozzarella on there was Oh My Gucci good. 

I… I think… I think we have a winner? This is a tough one to beat, I’ll tell you that. I’m gonna make it a 4.9, just for it to be on the first place of best pizza’s ever. It deserves it, definitely.

Rating: 4.9/5