Mario’s kitchen

Mario’s kitchen

Wooooweee, it’s about time don’t you think? I certainly think so.

Alright, first things first. What Where to eat. Let’s see….
Well, that was fast. not even scrolling for 2 seconds and BAM. There is the place that’s gonna make me a fine Hawaiian pizza. Why I didn’t have to scroll further? Well… look at the logo:

Itsa me, Mario!

Haha, they actually just took Mario and put it in his logo, there is no doubt it’s Mario, from Nintendo. You know him! And if you don’t, go here: MARIO WIKI. That’s amazing. I wonder how long they can keep this logo, since, as far as I know, Nintendo sues basically everything that looks even remotely like something they made. But for now! It works, another customer because of the logo. Well done, pizza place, well done.

Ooof… first mistake already made and I didn’t even order yet! Guess what? The pizza Hawaii doesn’t have any ham on it… That’s a petty. They do have a pizza with ham, but they call it Tropicana… I mean, that’s definitely -1 point just for that. Too bad… It can never be the top pizza place. Ah well, can’t have a nice logo AND name pizza’s the way they are supposed to be called, I guess? Meh. I’ll order the Tropicana.

So! Now that we got the long process of ordering out of the way, let’s talk about me. Because surely the pizza’s are just reason #2 why you’re here. I’m number one. Probably.

But yeah, I’ve been busy! Oh so busy… No not really, haven’t been doing much. But! There is a game I’m playing now, Super Smash Bros Ultimate (AKA smash5 or sma5h) on the Switch. Ah yes, I’ve played smash4 and finally the long awaited sequel has arrived, my goodness how it is nice. And best of all, the character I always play with, King Dedede, is even better in smash5! How wonderful.

Look at him! It’s a penguin! With a hammer! And mittens! And a knitted cap!

Ah yes, King Dedede. He looks so cute and cuddly, but that hammer will seriously break you. Originally he is the main antagonist in Kirby, but he is just too darn cute to be a villain.

Futhermore not much going on, to be honost. Live as usual. Just not been eating pizza that much lately. And if I do eat pizza, it’s usually from NYP. No surprises what you’re gonna get, and they have some good discount from time to time. Maybe I’ll eat more pizza in 2019, we’ll see. But for now, we’ll wait for the pizza to arrive… I’m bored of writing, guess I’ll go watch some series or read a book or something.
Talking about books, I got this book; The colour of magic. It got recommended to me, and I kinda hope I like it, but not too much.. .because there are like 50 books in this series, so if it’s good, I’m gonna be reading till I’m 40 I guess…

Also! Doorbell! Food is here, it looks good I gotta say… taste test!

Ohh, I have to say… this pizza is good! nice pineapple, good ham (is ham even an English word? you all know what I mean, right?), and nice cheese, good pizza dough. Yeah it’s good alright, too bad it has -1 point for naming it a Tropicana… Too bad…

Even without the 1 point for naming it weird, It was still pretty good. I give it 3.6 stars. Yes.

Rating: 3.6/5

One thought on “Mario’s kitchen

  1. Hello,?? Are you still alive? Or did you been hit up by King Dedede?
    It has been over a month and still no new pizza? What are you doing?
    Are you not starving??
    Put the game away enjoy the nice weather and order a new pizza……

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