Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint

Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint


So yes, I know I say this a lot, but.. I’m back! Don’t know for how long, but here is one to eat your heart out.
Big shout out to my Brother in law, he had a whole poem on why I stopped eating pizza’s and that I should go back to eating pizza’s. Basically.

So here we are! Ready for another adventure that my mind can think of.

First stop tho, the Pizza place! I’m unsure how many new places were added since I last checked. I don’t think I opened thuisbezorgd very much the last 9 months! It’s like I was pregnant and now i deliver a review baby. Lol.

This list has places I already ate pizza from. What makes sense of course, I kinda ate a lot of pizza already.

Ah! I see a nifty feature! You can actually filter on delivery costs now. Let’s put that on FREE DELIVERY. Hooray.

Steakhouse Pizzeria Bergo caught my eye. Not sure why. They don’t have a Pizza Hawaii tho. But, they do have a Pizza con ananas. What, according to the ingredients, is a pizza Hawaii.
Is pizza Hawaii trademarked or something? Why not just name it Hawaii. I’m sure everyone knows Hawaii = with pineapple. Weird stuff. Anyway, we’ll stick with them. Let’s hope the name of their pizza Hawaii is the only thing that’s wrong with them!

Ok, so, problem. The pizza is €8.50, and the minimum order amount is €9.95. Normally that is not a problem, just put a desert in there and boom, its over the minimum order amount and we’re done.
However, Bergo doesn’t have deserts. They have fries. Or garlic bread. I mean… no. Not gonna do this. Bergo, you lost. Screw you. You’re not even getting a star.

Oh my, same problem with San Siro, pizza is €8.00 and no deserts! I can get a can of coke for €1.50, but then I would still be short €0.50. Damn it, you also get 0 stars. Whats up with that man. This searching for pizza is harder than it looks.

Alright, so that was kinda it with the places that have free delivery… Going back to places that have delivery charges, I guess… Meh. That sucks man, stupid.
I can try to check if maybe the website has no delivery costs in stead of using thuisbezorgd.
Well, what. This is odd man, the website has a logo of Pizza Cappadocia?
This is very fishy. I’m not doing this. I already ordered at Pizza Cappadocia a while back and, although they were very good, I don’t trust this at all. NEXT!

Alright! So, we ordered 🥳. The lucky Pizza place that get’s to make me my pizza Hawaii (although it’s called a Pizza Sunlight, for some reason?) is: Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint! Where Bosboom Toussaint is the street that they are on, soooo then we have just Amsterdam Pizza left. That’s kind of a bold statement to name your place after the city where it’s in. It better be good.

So now we wait. And while we wait, let me tell you a story, because what else am I gonna do?
I have lots to do though. I have so, so many movies I still need to watch, and shows.

Why do you still need to watch so many things? What can possibly be more important than watching all that awesome content?
Well, I’m glad you asked. What’s more important is the fact that my son was born! He kinda takes every free time I have, and I love it. The fact that I can make this post now is because he’s not here. Neither is the misses. She’ll be back tho. In an hour or so I guess.
But till then, I got nothing to do except maybe look at a movie.
I’m actually currently watching Klaus on Netflix, it’s fun! I like it. Maybe it helps that it’s a story about a postman. As you all know, of course, I’ve been a postman myself, maybe that helps? Or maybe its just a really nice animated movie.
Probably the last one.
Anyway, yeah I’ll probably finish watching that when eating the pizza.

Sooooooo, what else… what else… Oh yeah! So, apart from Netflix, Disney+ is a thing now. And I like it. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, and guess what. It’s all on there. Along with Marvel and Pixar movies. Nice.
They also have The Simpsons. All 30 season of it. It’s on my watch list, but damn, that will take a while. Not sure where I’ll start watching tho. Not at season 1, that’s for sure. Maybe starting at season 20 or something?

Actually, I’ll take a look now. I watches quite some episodes like 10 – 5 years ago or so. Let’s see if I can find where I left off.
Alright. I have no clue. But I think I’ll start at season 25. It’s 22 episodes per season, and there is already 5 seasons for me to watch, so that’s 110 episodes.
110 episodes with a average run time of 20 minutes equals 2.200 minutes, equals 36.6 hours, equals 1.5 days of content. I’m never gonna finish that, I can already tell.
And if I do, I can still go back to season 24 and before. The internet tells me that watching season 1 – season 25 is 8.5 days of total content. Should be enough for a live time, probably.

Also, 22 minutes left till the pizza is here. What more nonsense can I produce?
Oh man, so, so many, you would not believe. For instance, the word ’till’ triggered me.
You see, the lead singer of Rammstein (Till Lindemann) has a new album out! F & M (stands for Frau und Mann, not sure why you need to know this, but now you do).
It’s pretty good album, I have to say. But I’m a big Rammstein fan, so my opinion might be biased. Anyway, here is a link to the album on YouTube, if you wish to listen to it: Click me!
In fact, I’m gonna listen to it while I wait for the pizza, that’s always a good idea.
Thuisbezorgd tells me it will take 16 more minutes before it’s here. That should be 19:52. Damn, I’m hungry.


Alright! So it’s here! 19:56, not that late. and the box is nice! really looking good. Can’t wait to taste it! Here gooooeeessss!
It looks great! They even cut it into 8 pieces, so that’s good. Nice pieces of ham. Good crust, and the size of the pineapple is prettty big! Me Likey.

Taste test:
Pineapple: Very delicious
Ham: nothing special, it’s good ham
Sauce: Good! Very tomato like.

All in all: Not bad, not good. They really didn’t put much sauce on, and the dough is just a little too burnt.
Sometimes you have a bite that is just dough and a bit of cheese, Could have more sauce to give it more structure, I guess.
It’s not bad though. It’s just not very good either.
Like, 3.6 stars.

Yeah that sounds about right.

Rating: 3.6/5

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