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It’s Monday baby!

You know what that means, don’t you? No? Well, that’s a pity, because neither do I.

There is one thing I do know though…. Pizza timeeeee!

Let’s start off with something that has made my life way more complicated than it should:

  • Pizza places having a minimum order amount.

Why? Why would you do that? I mean, I kinda get it, because you don’t want someone order a freaking ketchup and then have to bring it to them for no additional costs. So you make the minimum order amount like at least 10 euros. Sure, I get that.
But then there are these other places, places who don’t want customers, I can only imagine. They decided with all their knowledge, you know what? Let’s make the minimum order amount 30 euros. Because why not. You need to order 4 pizza’s to get to that amount, surely everyone will want at least 4 pizza’s. Let’s see if any people come and order pizza from us now. I betcha they won’t! Pesky customers, always annoying us with their money, pssh.

So, yes. Annoyed I am, from time to time. However, let’s continue our search!

Not a lot of places left, to be honest, if you cut away the obvious (no places that charge delivery costs, and have a max of €15.00 minimum order amount.
The pizza toko’s are really making a mess. Some don’t even have pineapple, like at all. I’m okay with ordering a margarita and putting extra pineapple and ham on, but that’s not even an option on most. Why do they make it so hard? Just gimme a pizza Hawaii!

Alright, it has come down to this: Take a pizza from a place I’ve already ordered on, or take a pizza and something else to get to the minimum amount.

I have chose the second option. I shall eat a pizza Hawaii from Grill & Pizza Sansiro. And while were at it, take a kapsalon as well, because otherwise we don’t get the minimum order amount. Like, what.


So yeah, that happened? I guess this has turned into a rate the pizza and kapsalon blogpost? I’m unsure about this event. But I already clicked order, so what can you do.

Normally this would be the time I tell you about all the adventures I’ve been in! But, ain’t got time for that! I gotta clean the house, yo. So Maybe if there is still some time after cleaning, that I can entertain all y’all.

Alright! Well, that went faster than expected. 10 minutes left till the pizza (+kapsalon) arrives, according to the food tracker. Nice.

Talking about a food tracker! Like a week ago or something, we ordered Syrian food from this place called Sham. We really like it there, but we didn’t wanna go to the restaurant, so we let the restaurant come to us.

Placed an order, paid, got an email saying Yay! Your order is coming your way hurraahhh. About 40 minutes later I get a notification saying: your order has been delivered. Have a nice meal! That was weird, since I didn’t get anything yet, but let’s wait it out a bit, maybe he pressed the ‘I’ve delivered this meal’ button on accident.
So, 5 minutes pass and I’m getting worried. It took a long time for the order to finish, and we were hungry, so that sucked.
Next up, I call Sham, like heyoooo, I placed an order and according to the Thuisbezorgd app it’s delivered, but I didn’t get it. The Sham dude is really friendly and tells me he can’t help it, they work with Thuisbezorgd, he has no idea who picked up my order. He advises me to call Thuisbezorgd.
So, a google result later I’m calling thuisbezorgd and this girl picks up with a lot of enthusiasm and informs me that he probably pressed the ‘I’ve delivered it’ on accident, but since it has been a while since the delivery guy left the restaurant, the food is most likely already cold, so they are gonna get me a new deliver guy and get the food to us again, no extra costs, since it’s their fault to begin with.
Although hungry, I’m happy with the customer service. Now 5 minutes later, the delivery guy rings the doorbell and give me my food. I’m like yo, didn’t you get a call from HQ? You pressed the wrong button or something and now I’m getting another order because you’re so late.
He’s like: Yeah I had to get another order from another restaurant first and deliver that, after that I could deliver to you, but I punched the wrong button.
So I’m like, alright well. You probably gonna get a call, because food is now cold anyways.
Delivery dude: No, it’s still warm, you can still eat it.
Spoiler alert: It wasn’t warm.
30 mins later, delivery guy 2 comes up. Gives me the order, tells me he’s sorry about the delivery and hope I have a nice warm meal.

This story has no moral to it, but yeah, we ate the second one, because the first order was cold.

Damn, this was a longer story than I thought it would be. Pizza came while I was in the middle of typing, so I already ate.

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