So, more pizza! I wondered if it was a good idea to get another pizza, you know, with Corona virus and everything. But, eh, I won’t let some silly virus get in the way of a potential great pizza! SO! The search begins….

I remember last time that the search for a pizza was hella annoying, because they all had silly requirements like:

  • order for at least €30
  • Sure, we’ll come deliver it to you, for €10!!!!!

I don’t know any other reasons, but it should be enough. So yeah, let’s figure out where to eat!

So, new places areeeeee:

  • Erchicken (because why not sell pizza’s when your logo and name of the company has chicken in it). weird.
  • Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes

So, thing is, Erchicken has a minimum order amount of €15. The pizza Hawaii costs €7. So even with 2 pizza’s, I would still be short.
Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes has a minimum order amount of €10, and the Pizza Hawaï also costs €7. So need 3 more euro’s. Also, they have a delivery amount of €1.50.

It’s weird right, I don’t mind paying €10 for a pizza, but when it’s €7 it’s just odd to have to get something extra so they can deliver it to me. Weird how the human mind works like that.

Anyway, imma check if there is something else I haven’t had yet.

Yush, So, there is this place called Steakhouse Pizzeria Bergo. Never heard of them, but, good news! They have no delivery fee, and a minimum order amount of €9.99. Pizza con ananas (weird name, but okay) is €8.50 so we need €1.49 more. Fortunately, they have fries! for €2.50 so, all in all this is the best one yet, pizza and frist for €11.00. Suck it, Erchicken and Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes.

Yikes, after placing the order, it shows a little map where the restaurant is, and where I am. That’s a looooong way they have to bike to get here. According to Google Maps, it is 4.2 km. Sorry, lil dude. I’ll tip you good, mkay.

Soooo, that’s that. I guess? Now we wait. Sure. Why not.

Fooooooood! Just in time for Man Bijt Hond, man the people on this show are weird, gotta love it.
Also, I already forgot I ordered fries with it as well, let’s try those first!

Wellll… these are as bendy as Beckham (bend it like Beckham, anyone? I don’t even know what it means, I just know the phrase, I guess?). Anyway, they are nice, just not crunchy in the tiniest bit. But yeah, it’s salty and with a nice scoop of sauce it’s definitely eatable.

Next up, Pizza! It doesn’t look special, but I have to say, looks good. Let’s dig in!

Well, not too bad! Pineapple is suuuuuper nice, ham is good. Overall it’s okay! Although it does have a weird aftertaste, for some reason. I can’t figure out where this taste is coming from, should be the dough, I guess. Unsure. It’s not bad, it’s just not very tasteful either. Weird.

Anywayyy, let’s give this thing a solid 3. Yeah, sure why not.

p.s. fun fact, after updating the front page, WordPress tells me I’ve mentioned Bergo before, I’ve given them 0 stars. Read all about it here: Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint

Rating: 3/5



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