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So, more pizza! I wondered if it was a good idea to get another pizza, you know, with Corona virus and everything. But, eh, I won’t let some silly virus get in the way of a potential great pizza! SO! The search begins….

I remember last time that the search for a pizza was hella annoying, because they all had silly requirements like:

  • order for at least €30
  • Sure, we’ll come deliver it to you, for €10!!!!!

I don’t know any other reasons, but it should be enough. So yeah, let’s figure out where to eat!

So, new places areeeeee:

  • Erchicken (because why not sell pizza’s when your logo and name of the company has chicken in it). weird.
  • Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes

So, thing is, Erchicken has a minimum order amount of €15. The pizza Hawaii costs €7. So even with 2 pizza’s, I would still be short.
Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes has a minimum order amount of €10, and the Pizza Hawaï also costs €7. So need 3 more euro’s. Also, they have a delivery amount of €1.50.

It’s weird right, I don’t mind paying €10 for a pizza, but when it’s €7 it’s just odd to have to get something extra so they can deliver it to me. Weird how the human mind works like that.

Anyway, imma check if there is something else I haven’t had yet.

Yush, So, there is this place called Steakhouse Pizzeria Bergo. Never heard of them, but, good news! They have no delivery fee, and a minimum order amount of €9.99. Pizza con ananas (weird name, but okay) is €8.50 so we need €1.49 more. Fortunately, they have fries! for €2.50 so, all in all this is the best one yet, pizza and frist for €11.00. Suck it, Erchicken and Steakhouse Pizzeria Baarsjes.

Yikes, after placing the order, it shows a little map where the restaurant is, and where I am. That’s a looooong way they have to bike to get here. According to Google Maps, it is 4.2 km. Sorry, lil dude. I’ll tip you good, mkay.

Soooo, that’s that. I guess? Now we wait. Sure. Why not.

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It’s Monday baby!

You know what that means, don’t you? No? Well, that’s a pity, because neither do I.

There is one thing I do know though…. Pizza timeeeee!

Let’s start off with something that has made my life way more complicated than it should:

  • Pizza places having a minimum order amount.

Why? Why would you do that? I mean, I kinda get it, because you don’t want someone order a freaking ketchup and then have to bring it to them for no additional costs. So you make the minimum order amount like at least 10 euros. Sure, I get that.
But then there are these other places, places who don’t want customers, I can only imagine. They decided with all their knowledge, you know what? Let’s make the minimum order amount 30 euros. Because why not. You need to order 4 pizza’s to get to that amount, surely everyone will want at least 4 pizza’s. Let’s see if any people come and order pizza from us now. I betcha they won’t! Pesky customers, always annoying us with their money, pssh.

So, yes. Annoyed I am, from time to time. However, let’s continue our search!

Not a lot of places left, to be honest, if you cut away the obvious (no places that charge delivery costs, and have a max of €15.00 minimum order amount.
The pizza toko’s are really making a mess. Some don’t even have pineapple, like at all. I’m okay with ordering a margarita and putting extra pineapple and ham on, but that’s not even an option on most. Why do they make it so hard? Just gimme a pizza Hawaii!

Alright, it has come down to this: Take a pizza from a place I’ve already ordered on, or take a pizza and something else to get to the minimum amount.

I have chose the second option. I shall eat a pizza Hawaii from Grill & Pizza Sansiro. And while were at it, take a kapsalon as well, because otherwise we don’t get the minimum order amount. Like, what.


So yeah, that happened? I guess this has turned into a rate the pizza and kapsalon blogpost? I’m unsure about this event. But I already clicked order, so what can you do.

Normally this would be the time I tell you about all the adventures I’ve been in! But, ain’t got time for that! I gotta clean the house, yo. So Maybe if there is still some time after cleaning, that I can entertain all y’all.

Alright! Well, that went faster than expected. 10 minutes left till the pizza (+kapsalon) arrives, according to the food tracker. Nice.

Talking about a food tracker! Like a week ago or something, we ordered Syrian food from this place called Sham. We really like it there, but we didn’t wanna go to the restaurant, so we let the restaurant come to us.

Placed an order, paid, got an email saying Yay! Your order is coming your way hurraahhh. About 40 minutes later I get a notification saying: your order has been delivered. Have a nice meal! That was weird, since I didn’t get anything yet, but let’s wait it out a bit, maybe he pressed the ‘I’ve delivered this meal’ button on accident.
So, 5 minutes pass and I’m getting worried. It took a long time for the order to finish, and we were hungry, so that sucked.
Next up, I call Sham, like heyoooo, I placed an order and according to the Thuisbezorgd app it’s delivered, but I didn’t get it. The Sham dude is really friendly and tells me he can’t help it, they work with Thuisbezorgd, he has no idea who picked up my order. He advises me to call Thuisbezorgd.
So, a google result later I’m calling thuisbezorgd and this girl picks up with a lot of enthusiasm and informs me that he probably pressed the ‘I’ve delivered it’ on accident, but since it has been a while since the delivery guy left the restaurant, the food is most likely already cold, so they are gonna get me a new deliver guy and get the food to us again, no extra costs, since it’s their fault to begin with.
Although hungry, I’m happy with the customer service. Now 5 minutes later, the delivery guy rings the doorbell and give me my food. I’m like yo, didn’t you get a call from HQ? You pressed the wrong button or something and now I’m getting another order because you’re so late.
He’s like: Yeah I had to get another order from another restaurant first and deliver that, after that I could deliver to you, but I punched the wrong button.
So I’m like, alright well. You probably gonna get a call, because food is now cold anyways.
Delivery dude: No, it’s still warm, you can still eat it.
Spoiler alert: It wasn’t warm.
30 mins later, delivery guy 2 comes up. Gives me the order, tells me he’s sorry about the delivery and hope I have a nice warm meal.

This story has no moral to it, but yeah, we ate the second one, because the first order was cold.

Damn, this was a longer story than I thought it would be. Pizza came while I was in the middle of typing, so I already ate.

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Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint

Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint


So yes, I know I say this a lot, but.. I’m back! Don’t know for how long, but here is one to eat your heart out.
Big shout out to my Brother in law, he had a whole poem on why I stopped eating pizza’s and that I should go back to eating pizza’s. Basically.

So here we are! Ready for another adventure that my mind can think of.

First stop tho, the Pizza place! I’m unsure how many new places were added since I last checked. I don’t think I opened thuisbezorgd very much the last 9 months! It’s like I was pregnant and now i deliver a review baby. Lol.

This list has places I already ate pizza from. What makes sense of course, I kinda ate a lot of pizza already.

Ah! I see a nifty feature! You can actually filter on delivery costs now. Let’s put that on FREE DELIVERY. Hooray.

Steakhouse Pizzeria Bergo caught my eye. Not sure why. They don’t have a Pizza Hawaii tho. But, they do have a Pizza con ananas. What, according to the ingredients, is a pizza Hawaii.
Is pizza Hawaii trademarked or something? Why not just name it Hawaii. I’m sure everyone knows Hawaii = with pineapple. Weird stuff. Anyway, we’ll stick with them. Let’s hope the name of their pizza Hawaii is the only thing that’s wrong with them!

Ok, so, problem. The pizza is €8.50, and the minimum order amount is €9.95. Normally that is not a problem, just put a desert in there and boom, its over the minimum order amount and we’re done.
However, Bergo doesn’t have deserts. They have fries. Or garlic bread. I mean… no. Not gonna do this. Bergo, you lost. Screw you. You’re not even getting a star.

Oh my, same problem with San Siro, pizza is €8.00 and no deserts! I can get a can of coke for €1.50, but then I would still be short €0.50. Damn it, you also get 0 stars. Whats up with that man. This searching for pizza is harder than it looks.

Alright, so that was kinda it with the places that have free delivery… Going back to places that have delivery charges, I guess… Meh. That sucks man, stupid.
I can try to check if maybe the website has no delivery costs in stead of using thuisbezorgd.
Well, what. This is odd man, the website has a logo of Pizza Cappadocia?
This is very fishy. I’m not doing this. I already ordered at Pizza Cappadocia a while back and, although they were very good, I don’t trust this at all. NEXT!

Alright! So, we ordered 🥳. The lucky Pizza place that get’s to make me my pizza Hawaii (although it’s called a Pizza Sunlight, for some reason?) is: Amsterdam Pizza Bosboom Toussaint! Where Bosboom Toussaint is the street that they are on, soooo then we have just Amsterdam Pizza left. That’s kind of a bold statement to name your place after the city where it’s in. It better be good.

So now we wait. And while we wait, let me tell you a story, because what else am I gonna do?
I have lots to do though. I have so, so many movies I still need to watch, and shows.

Why do you still need to watch so many things? What can possibly be more important than watching all that awesome content?
Well, I’m glad you asked. What’s more important is the fact that my son was born! He kinda takes every free time I have, and I love it. The fact that I can make this post now is because he’s not here. Neither is the misses. She’ll be back tho. In an hour or so I guess.
But till then, I got nothing to do except maybe look at a movie.
I’m actually currently watching Klaus on Netflix, it’s fun! I like it. Maybe it helps that it’s a story about a postman. As you all know, of course, I’ve been a postman myself, maybe that helps? Or maybe its just a really nice animated movie.
Probably the last one.
Anyway, yeah I’ll probably finish watching that when eating the pizza.

Sooooooo, what else… what else… Oh yeah! So, apart from Netflix, Disney+ is a thing now. And I like it. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, and guess what. It’s all on there. Along with Marvel and Pixar movies. Nice.
They also have The Simpsons. All 30 season of it. It’s on my watch list, but damn, that will take a while. Not sure where I’ll start watching tho. Not at season 1, that’s for sure. Maybe starting at season 20 or something?

Actually, I’ll take a look now. I watches quite some episodes like 10 – 5 years ago or so. Let’s see if I can find where I left off.
Alright. I have no clue. But I think I’ll start at season 25. It’s 22 episodes per season, and there is already 5 seasons for me to watch, so that’s 110 episodes.
110 episodes with a average run time of 20 minutes equals 2.200 minutes, equals 36.6 hours, equals 1.5 days of content. I’m never gonna finish that, I can already tell.
And if I do, I can still go back to season 24 and before. The internet tells me that watching season 1 – season 25 is 8.5 days of total content. Should be enough for a live time, probably.

Also, 22 minutes left till the pizza is here. What more nonsense can I produce?
Oh man, so, so many, you would not believe. For instance, the word ’till’ triggered me.
You see, the lead singer of Rammstein (Till Lindemann) has a new album out! F & M (stands for Frau und Mann, not sure why you need to know this, but now you do).
It’s pretty good album, I have to say. But I’m a big Rammstein fan, so my opinion might be biased. Anyway, here is a link to the album on YouTube, if you wish to listen to it: Click me!
In fact, I’m gonna listen to it while I wait for the pizza, that’s always a good idea.
Thuisbezorgd tells me it will take 16 more minutes before it’s here. That should be 19:52. Damn, I’m hungry.


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Time for another pizza, it’s sure been too long. I hereby pledge to eat more pizza and not let my audience wait for this long again. Me so sorry.

Anywayyyy, so yeah! I’ve just ate pizza. Giordano’s! I wonder if it means anything, tho. Giordano, it sounds Italian, I guess? Let’s find out.

Alright, so it is Italian! And it’s also a thing in Google maps. Although I’m not sure its actually a thing because it’s like 2m² big. So… I dunno? Anyway, let me show you, first up the meaning of Giordano!

Giordano in English is…. Jordanian! So yeah. It’s kinda…. meh. Well, you know. I dunno man.

But now on to the place, I took a screenshot AND provided a link so you can check it out for yourself. Am I amazing, or not? I think I am!

Don’t believe me, look for yourself: Click here! It’s like 1 house? So weird.

Anyway, so let’s get back to the pizza! Or actually start, we didn’t do anything with the pizza yet so we can’t get back to it. I guess.

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Mario’s kitchen

Mario’s kitchen

Wooooweee, it’s about time don’t you think? I certainly think so.

Alright, first things first. What Where to eat. Let’s see….
Well, that was fast. not even scrolling for 2 seconds and BAM. There is the place that’s gonna make me a fine Hawaiian pizza. Why I didn’t have to scroll further? Well… look at the logo:

Itsa me, Mario!

Haha, they actually just took Mario and put it in his logo, there is no doubt it’s Mario, from Nintendo. You know him! And if you don’t, go here: MARIO WIKI. That’s amazing. I wonder how long they can keep this logo, since, as far as I know, Nintendo sues basically everything that looks even remotely like something they made. But for now! It works, another customer because of the logo. Well done, pizza place, well done.

Ooof… first mistake already made and I didn’t even order yet! Guess what? The pizza Hawaii doesn’t have any ham on it… That’s a petty. They do have a pizza with ham, but they call it Tropicana… I mean, that’s definitely -1 point just for that. Too bad… It can never be the top pizza place. Ah well, can’t have a nice logo AND name pizza’s the way they are supposed to be called, I guess? Meh. I’ll order the Tropicana.

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Pizza’Dam Zuid

Pizza’Dam Zuid

Woooo! Welcome back! 

It’s been a while. And then I mean a while! Last post was…. 28th of June! Almost 4 months ago… Wow. I’m sorry! I’ll do better, I promise! Next one won’t be after 4 months, maybe 3 or 3.5 months. Hehehe.

Anywayyyyy, I’m back, and guess who else is back? AUTUMN! It’s finally autumn… Gosh how I missed you. This summer has been going on wayyyy to long. Don’t get me wrong tho. I like it to be nice outside as well as the next guy, but this summer was just too damn long. I’m going to check if there is a site out there that shows just how many days it has been sunny… brb.

…and you know it

Alright, so there is this website and it shows stuff, like… a lot of stuff.
But, there was one graphic thingy that I found interesting. The number of days it was over 20°C from May to September is 113. 113! There is only 153 days in that period. 40 of those days where below 20°C. Ridiculous.

But, here we are… rain, storm, darkness.. ah yes, the good life finally comes along. Can’t wait for the days I can just sit in my warm and cozy onesie and read a good book with a nice cup of tea while listening to the rain clatter on my window… Ah yes, I like. 

I almost forgot I’m here for pizza. Let’s find a pizza place.. be right back!
Back! It’s gonna be Pizza’Dam Zuid. Wich is nice, because Amsterdam can be referred to as a’dam. This place combines pizza and Amsterdam. It’s nice! They are hella expensive tho… €10.25 for a 25cm pizza… No grown man eats a 25cm pizza, so 30cm it is, for…. €13.25! That’s not cheap, like not at all. They better be good, I’m gonna scream at them if they mess it up. Also, no tip for you mister! Well okay, maybe like 1 euro. Alright, 1.75 you get. That’s decent right? More than 10%… Ehhh, I don’t really know about tipping etiquette for the pizzaboy. 

Anyway, so yeah. We’re gonna wait now. Wait for the pizza, snap a few pics and eat! I’m gonna watch some movie or show or something, Not sure yet. 

Okay, wow. This was something else. Like really… This was massively good. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat pizza other than NYP for a while, but this, well worth the money! Perfect pineapple, awesome ham, and the mozzarella on there was Oh My Gucci good. 

I… I think… I think we have a winner? This is a tough one to beat, I’ll tell you that. I’m gonna make it a 4.9, just for it to be on the first place of best pizza’s ever. It deserves it, definitely.

Rating: 4.9/5



How is everyone? Been a while…
I start with that a lot… been a while… Maybe i should eat more pizza eh? Yeah, probably. That’s probably for the best. More pizza, more better.

So anyway, guess what date it is!? Well you probably know, but it’s the 28th! Do you know what is special about the 28th of June? NOTHING, that’s what special.

Do you know what is a special day? The 27th of June. You see, the 27th of June is pineapple day. I shit you not. It’s pineapple day. And, I missed it, go figure. Maybe I’ll remember next year. who knows who knows.

So, pizza! Let’s get me some pizza!

Wow, it’s always such a challenge to get pizza. Most of them got a minimum order amount or delivery costs that are half the price of the order itself. But, we got one! Come on in Pizza Boy!
Well, have to order at least €15 in main dishes before they come and bring it to you. I tried to get a Ben & Jerry’s so it will be more than €15, but it didn’t let me. So.. of to find a new one! Fuck you, pizza boy!

Alright, the search ended. It ended at Valentino! Let’s see how much love (from like valentine, you know) they will put on this pizza.

So now we wait. I hope he comes soon, I’m hungry. I’ve been trying to get a pizza place for 30 minutes… that’s bananas. But while we wait, let’s talk! Or write, since I’m not really talking to this thing. I mean with the technology of today I bet I could, but I won’t. So yeah.

New season of The 100 is almost finished airing on Netflix, and boy, do I like it. It starts out as a teenage romcom, but it turns pretty hard pretty fast. Kinda like The Maze Runner.
I saw the first movie and was like okay, an adventure movie for teens with a few big bugs in the maze, that’s alright.
Then second movie: Holy shit zombies everywhere in a desolate earth where everything is gone.

That was also my experience with The 100. Well, kinda. There are no zombies, for now at least but what looks to be all fun and games, turns out to be a survival of the fittest.

So yeah, so much for this commercial. I guess I’ll wait for the pizza to come.
Geez, this waiting takes long than expected… The food tracker says it’ll be here in 38 minutes… I’m hungry dammit! GET ME MY PIZZA! This Valentino better be good!

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Pizzeria Michelangelo

Pizzeria Michelangelo

Why hello there!
Look at this fine day, isn’t it fine? It sure is! Oh so fine.

So, on this fine day, we’re gonna get us some…. *drumroll*…. PIZZA! (what a surprise eh?)
The missus always wants a vegetarian pizza, I’m okay with that, especially because she puts pineapple on her veggie pizza whenever it is possible. What a marvelous world we live in.
So, off to search for a pizza place that has a veggie pizza and the glorious pizza Hawaii.

First up: Pizza Express Donna. Let’s see… yes, pizza Hawaii is present. Now let’s see what kinda veggie pizza’s they have (if any).
Well, this is odd. I mean, they do have a veggie pizza, but the ingredients are just… veggie pizza.

(the ‘choice of’ list indicates stuff you can put on your pizza as an extra (for more money, of course))
Alright, so I guess this isn’t gonna be the pizzeria for today. I need to know what’s on it, man! Where’s the ingredients man! How can you do this! HOOWWWWW?!?!

So yeah, next up, ‘Il Re di Puglia’. Let’s first see what the hell this means: ‘The King of Puglia’. Well, that is a bold statement. Is Puglia a town or something? What is this place the king of? INVESTIGATION START!

So, the part in red is Puglia. It’s a pretty big part of Italy to be the king of. 

Alright, let’s try this King pizza stuff. Well… maybe not, wtf is ‘Pizze’:

Yeah no, let’s not eat at a place that can’t even spell Pizza right. Also, they don’t have pizza Hawaii.

So, third time is the charm, right….? RIGHT?

Here is… Pizzeria Michelangelo!!!!

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Il Ponte

Il Ponte

Howdy! What a few months it have been! It has been 3 months! That’s long, too long… Me so sorry.

BUT! Main thing is, we’re back! And how! Well, not very good, I must say.
You see, you would think I would have a killer pizza after all this time, but no. Truth is, I was at work, and ordered a pizza pretty fast and after that went home to be there if the pizza arrives. Well, that worked out pretty well. I was at home, after 15 mins or so the pizza dude came with the pizza, I took a pic of the box, opened it up and… WTF is this.

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Napoli Pizza

Napoli Pizza

WOW! It has been a while!
How much of a while? Well, I did the math, it’s 50 days. FIFTY!
To be honest I did eat pizza in the 50 days, but I just didn’t put them on here because it was from NYP, and we already got a review for that one!

So, time for pizza, time for a new review, time for Napoli Pizza!
I don’t know why but it sounds like fun in my head, Napoli Pizza.

Oh, also! I read an article that thuisbezorgd (the site that I use to see what kind of pizza places are near me) is totally ripping the restaurants off.
Well, maybe not really ripping them off, but each year the restaurants have to pay more and more per order that they get from thuisbezorgd. Right now the restaurants pay 12% of the money they get from an order. That’s massive!

Today’s order is €26.15. If we would order this via thuisbezorgd, they would earn €3.14 (π) for simply listing the restaurant, and have the servers up and running. No more, I tell you! No more!

New tactic: I look at thuisbezorgd to see what restaurant there is and where I’m going to order. Afterwards I visit the site of the restaurant and order directly from them. BOOM, I just helped them get €26.15 in stead of €23.01. I feel like a superhero.

So, this is quite a long story, while I was typing it, the pizza-dude already rang the doorbell.  Sooooo, next up! Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa 

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